Having a new garage door installed that makes use of the latest technology adds a layer of convenience to your life, as well as new curb appeal to your home. Though it is tempting to simply tuck away the owner’s manual in a drawer somewhere without giving your garage door another thought, you should keep the following tips in mind to ensure your safety and protect your valuables stored within your garage.

1. Embrace Technology

These days, you can choose a keychain garage door opener. This gives you a level of convenience and security that is not possible with a car visor opener.

2. Educate Children of Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are not to be played with under any circumstances. Children should be kept away from or supervised when around moving garage doors.

3. Keep the Door Closed

While it might be convenient to keep your garage door open, doing so could invite trouble into your home. Whether it is people scouting your garage for valuables or wild animals accessing stored food, both can easily be avoided by keeping your garage door shut and secure.

4. Maintain Your Garage Door

Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home. In order to keep it functioning properly, your garage door should be maintained frequently. Just like other items around your home, the moving parts on your garage door need to be lubricated. Also, all fasteners should be checked to ensure they are tight and secure.

5. Perform Regular Safety Checks

Ensure that the safety features of your garage door work properly. When changing the batteries in your smoke alarms, check that all safety features are functioning on your garage door. These safety features include working photo eyes and a properly set operator to reverse when striking an object.

6. Cover Your Windows

Having windows in your garage adds a great deal of curb appeal but they also allow people to look inside. Cover the windows with attractive curtains or choose frosted windows instead.

7. Spring for an Upgrade

As with any door to the outside, your garage door should be designed to withstand the elements. Consider having a garage door with insulation installed and become more energy efficient.

8. Keep it Locked

Get into the habit of keeping your manual garage door locked. If you have an eclectic operator installed and it is engaged, this will act as a lock. Keeping your garage door locked is particularly important when you are out of town for an extended period of time.

Your garage door is designed to protect you and your belongings. Use these tips to get the most of it.

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